The Diabetes Research Center in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem promotes the study of the causes of diabetes, its complications, and new treatment protocols. The Center represents an interdisciplinary community involving both patient-oriented and basic science projects, and its members include researchers from both clinical and preclinical departments of the Faculty of Medicine-Hadassah Medical School, the The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment and scientists from other faculties of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


The center's financial sources stem mainly from endowments income, the largest of which is the Glassman Foundation endowment. Planned activities of the center include holding an annual diabetes conference, awarding stipends for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows and establishment of seeding grants to enable the development of initial data on the basis of which research proposals can be submitted to national and international research granting institutions.

The center is co-directed by Dr. Danny Ben-Zvi and Prof. Betty Schwartz. The members of the center's academic committee are:

  • Dr. Danny Ben-Zvi
  • Prof. Betty Schwartz
  • Prof. Jacob Bar-Tana
  • Prof. Oren Tirosh
  • Prof. Ben Glaser
  • Prof. Oren Froy
  • Prof. Shlomo Sasson
  • Prof. Gil Leibowitch

Interview with Rose Marie Glassman and Heather Glasman Berkowitz